No more hidden problems on your domains

Outtages, broken links, loading times, redirections... we monitor 24h almost everything and we alert you inmediately on problems or important changes.

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Uptime, Performance, Security... We check everything!

Of course we monitor your websites for downtimes, but we also monitor performance, virus & malware, loading times, SEO, SSL (https), mail configuration, broken links... and many more!

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$20/month per domain all included

If you add more domains you pay less per domain, all the services and options are always included, cannot be easier!

  • 1 domain - $20 / month
  • 2 domains - $38 / month
  • 3 domains - $56 / month
  • 4 domains - $74 / month
  • 5 domains - $92 / month
  • 6 domains - $110 / month
  • 7 domains - $128 / month
  • 8 domains - $146 / month
  • 9 domains - $164 / month
  • 10 domains - $180 / month
  • 20 domains - $320 / month

Do you have more than 20 domains? please Contact Sales.

Get notified when someting goes wrong with your website

We will setup default notifications for you if you want to go fast & easy, but you also can enable/disable all notifications as needed.

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Add notification emails globally or per website

Get all the notifications in one email and/or setup specific emails for each domain, its up to you.

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No more hidden errors on internal pages

We monitor your website home and up to 70 additional urls for each domain.

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Setup time: 1 minute

You just need to add your domains, no more setup is needed to have your account working 100%.

But if you need it, finetuning is available, you will be able to enable, disable and adjust all the monitoring services.